About Us


Karen has been a Registered Dietitian for more than 25 years acquiring a diverse level of expertise in clinical nutrition and management. She has a BS Degree from the University of Massachusetts @ Amherst, trained at Emory University School of Medicine Internship and Master of Medical Science program and completed her Master of Business Administration at Worcester Polytechnic Institute.

Areas of Specialty

Areas of specialty include weight management, avoiding or lowering medications for diabetes, blood pressure, and cholesterol as well as food sensitivities and sports nutrition. I focus on an individual’s specific nutritional needs from healthy cooking ideas to supporting extreme fitness endeavors. You will receive recommendations for diet and lifestyle changes to meet your personalized needs and goals. Clients keep a detailed food intake and exercise record using a free online log. By supporting gradual changes over time, the priority is to instill a greater balance in clients thereby creating a more permanent transformation to achieve weight, medical and lifestyle goals.